The Mineed Research Team is pleased with the six-month clinical results for hyperhidrosis.

Faculty of Medicine

Chulalongkorn University

June, 2022

After previous animal and human safety tests for the botulinum toxin A-loaded Detachable Dissolvable Microneedles, the efficacy test on hyperhidrosis treatment in humans began at Chulalongkorn Hospital in January 2022.  This month (June 2022), the dermatologist team performed the 10th evaluation on the 10 volunteers. The microneedle-treated armpits of fifty percent of the volunteers still produced less sweat than the control armpits. It should be noted that the typical dryness effect of a 50 U toxin injection administered with a hypodermic needle is six weeks. This very first clinical trial for the treatment of hyperhidrosis with botulinum toxin A-loaded detachable microneedles used only 15 U of the toxin. At three months after a single dose, nine out of ten subjects still reported armpits that were 80% drier than the control side. These outstanding results provide Mineed with a clear direction for the usage of its proprietary detachable dissolvable microneedle platform to deliver fragile biologics.

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