In vivo vaccine delivery using Detachable Dissolvable Microneedles revealed a better IgG2 level and a similar IgG1 level compared to intradermal injection.

July, 2022

The immunization experiment on mice was initiated in June 2022 by the research teams from Mineed Technology and Chulalongkorn Hospital. The objective of the experiment was to compare immunity induction between the two different routes of vaccine administration, the intramuscular injection and the intradermal via detachable microneedles. The microneedles yielded an IgG2 titer that was 100-fold greater and an IgG1 titer that was comparable. With these promising results, the team has already started another trial to determine whether the detachable microneedle approach may provide a comparable titer with a lower vaccine dose. In a few months, results should be available.

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