Cold-chain-free-allergen testing devices.

September, 2022

As a consequence of recurrent clinical successes with Siriraj Medical School, Mineed has prioritized its cold-chain-free allergen test patches as one of its first medical products. In addition to an easy-to-use, less painful, and less skin-wounding side effect, the research team reports that the amount of allergen required for testing is significantly less compared to the traditional prick test, and the waiting period is shorter. The group is working to make the devices cover both contact and food allergens. There is also an intriguing possibility that the devices could be used to determine a person’s sensitivity level. This is due to the fact that the amounts of allergen given are more accurate than in a conventional skin prick test. According to the team, this is only achievable using MiNeed’s detachable microneedle technology. 

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