On-stage Technology Showcase at the Beauty Accelerate 2022

MiNeed’s Detachable Microneedle Technology was presented at the Beauty Accelerate 2022 conference in New York with great success. Our team enjoyed the wonderful discussions and exchanges with all participants. The testing of our detachable microneedles with cosmetic brands was so much fun. Mineed would like to thank the Global Cosmetic Industry and Cosmetics & Toiletries for bringing back this cozy but fruitful and straight-to-the-point cosmetic conference after the 2-year pandemic.

Mineed Technology Participate in the 32nd IFSCC London on the 19-22 September 2022

Mineed Technology had a great three-day exhibition at the 32nd IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) Congress in London, showcasing our groundbreaking Detachable Microneedle Platform to the global community for the first time. We thank the federation for the chance, as well as participants for their interests and wonderful discussions.

Cold-chain-free-allergen testing devices.

As a consequence of recurrent clinical successes with Siriraj Medical School, Mineed has prioritized its cold-chain-free allergen test patches as one of its first medical products.